The Lumineers & Misogynistic Lyrics

The Lumineers’ song Ho Hey gets stuck in my head at the most random times.  Like when I was conducting circletime in my classroom.  So I decided to download their album last week.  The first couple of days I played Ho Hey and Stubborn Love over and over.  Then I decided that I should give the whole album a run through.

Their music is fun, has simple lyrics and there’s a great Americana vibe to it.  But listening to a few of their songs I felt there something which put me off.  Then I realized it was because I was soaking in the lyric, several of which come off as misogynistic.  Especially in the song Classy Girls:

And I made her laugh, I made a pass,
I showed her my half dollar ring
She said, “That’s pretty cool,
But classy girls don’t kiss in bars, you fool”
I asked her, “Why?” and she replied
It was nothing I was doing wrong, it’s just what it is.
No, classy girls don’t kiss in bars like thisNo, classy girls don’t kiss in bars
Boys will break their backs and hearts
But it’s alright, the hardest part is through.
My first thought is how dare you tell me what’s classy!  Followed quickly by a woman has the right to make the choice about who she kisses and when, don’t try to police my actions.  And then the indifference settled in.  Of course a hipster band would write a song about what they deemed classy.It made me think of this article.  I will still listen to this album and I find myself sing along to their songs but I think recognizing what wrong with their lyrics helps to address my unease.

P.S. Here’s a fantastic tumblr call Misogynistic Lysrics That Aren’t Rap.

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